Every Move Counts


Ellison Mills Contracting's safety slogan, “Every Move Counts,” is a way to remind every employee about their actions. Whether you are working around a traffic work zone, heavy equipment, an excavation, or in a confined space, your move matters. Failure to make the right decision or the right move can have a negative impact and potential injuries. 

Every Move Counts is more than a slogan—it is how we conduct business as a company, is how we deliver a quality project, is how we interact with the community and clients, and it also means that we will be safety conscious and make the right safety decisions. “Every Move Counts” is about making the positive moves resulting in a positive image, positive projects, and creating a positive and safe work environment.

Don't disregard safety—make your move count and be safe


We have all employees follow company guidelines and procedures, participate and engage in company safety training, perform toolbox safety meetings and Job Hazards Analysis Planning. We require all wear and use all PPE and be a safe work place all the time.

Your work is your signature—make your move count and produce a quality product


At Ellison Mills, we continuously strive to deliver outstanding quality product and service, take pride and do the job the best to your ability with zero defects and re-work.

Stay focused and productive—make your move count and remain on task


Being on schedule has a positive impact on the result of the product or project—be efficient by balancing production needs, utilizing available resources in the most cost effective and efficient way to avoid delays, interruption, and stress.

A company speaks and communicates through its image—make your move count by making Ellison Mills Contracting more than just an image but the best company in the industry.

Public Image/Interaction

The public's image includes interactions with the community, clients, and everyone we encounter. Act and treat people the way you would like to be treated and  maintain a clean workspace. If operating company vehicles, make sure you are a courteous driver.

A serious incident, faulty workmanships, negative interaction with the public can ruin the image and reputation of Ellison Mills Contracting.