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Job Order Contracts

JOC are designed to enable Owners to choose Contractors based on qualifications, price, and/or past performance.  JOC can be job specific or can have indefinite delivery, quantity, fixed price with multiple orders within one contract over multiple years.  It also enables Owners and Contractors to partner in a team effort toward providing emergency and non-emergency scopes of work quickly and without the effort and time for the Owner  to bid each individual project.


Under the Construction Manager@ Risk, the Owner is able to choose a Contractor based on qualifications and not simply low-bid.  CM@R offers owners the advantage of value engineering, cost analysis and the ability to adopt solutions before construction begins.  The Contractor is tasked with understanding the entire scope of the Project including expectations and goals of the Owners so that the Project may be completed in a timely, cost-effective manner with the highest construction quality.  In some instances the CM@R Contractor is required to provide and work under a gross maximum price which enables the Owner to set a hard budget for the entire project at the outset.


Under Design Build the Contractor and Owner enter into a contract with the Contractor coming on board from initial conception.  The contractor hires the Engineer and the two entities work together to accomplish the most value engineered, cost effective, and time sensitive projects.  As the single point of contact, the Contractor will take the project from initial concept thru design and on to final construction to provide a seamless transition for the Owner.

Hard Bid

The Contractor is required to use Owner-provided 100 percent plans to competitively bid the project.  Once awarded, usually to the low bidder, the successful Contractor must hold to the bid price.

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