Construction management at risk (CMAR) is an innovative approach to construction project delivery methods, useful in the completion of projects of various size and values. Another way you may see this system written is CM@risk or CM at risk.

In essence, all project delivery methods consist of elements, including design, planning, construction, and financing. Most often, an owner, designer, or a builder will decide on how to approach each of these important elements. The most commonly used delivery method flows from the design of a project to the bidding of material and skills, and then into the building or construction phase.

Using the CMAR method approaches these projects in a different way than the traditional design-bid-build process. Among other things, CMAR reduces the time to completion of a construction project. The method requires the hiring of a manager who is most often a general construction contractor with technical and financial capabilities appropriate to the project. An individual or firm can hold this management position. A CMAR may be brought in during the initial planning and pre-planning stages, during the design and drawing phases, or at the pre-construction stage.

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Article by Juan Rodriguez